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Developing the Northern Ireland economy
Alban Maginness, the chairman of the enterprise committee, brought a motion on the report of its inquiry into developing the Northern Ireland economy, on 11 June 2012

Inquiry into Developing the Northern Ireland Economy through Innovation, Research & Development
Northern Ireland has one of the lowest spends on research and development compared to other regions in the UK. The Committee for Enterprise Trade and Investment wants to find out why. Committee Chair, Alban Maginness MLA and Committee Member Robin Newton talk to us about their Inquiry into the issue and what they hope to achieve.

The SDLP tabled a motion on the murder of the lawyer, Pat Finucane, noting the government's acceptance of collusion by state agencies and calling on it to establish a judicial inquiry, on 7 November 2011.

Adjournment debate - The SDLP brought the adjournment motion to the assembly on 16 March 2010.

Enterprise Committee - The enterprise committee met on 19 November 2009 to discuss the Draft Caravans Bill and sustainable electricity.
Enterprise Committee - The enterprise committee received a briefing on the September monitoring round.  
Alban Maginness, SDLP, MLA speaking after the Assembly Road Show in Portadown, 6 October 2009.
Alban Maginness of the SDLP speaks at a public debate on the Lisbon Treaty at how it will affect the population of the north-east of Ireland who don't have a vote in the referendum. Held in Conway Mill, Belfast on Monday 9 June 2008. Organised by the Campaign Against the EU Constitution.
Alban Maginness talks with WIMPS about the European Election, his policies, why he wants to go to European and gets him to explain his slogan "When We Win, You Win.”
Alban Maginness, SDLP MLA, takes part in the discussion at an event to remember the 40th anniversary of the Civil Rights Movement, the events of 1968, their significance and legacy.
I've Been Everywhere - Alban Maginness
Compilation video showing SDLP European Candidate Alban Maginness on the campaign trail to the tune of Johnny Cash's classic song "I've Been Everywhere."
I'm Backing Alban
Video clip of people supporting SDLP candidate Alban Maginness in the European election.
SDLP PEB 2009 European Election
Enterprise Statement, Monday 5th October 2009 – 03.29
Tuesday 29th September 2009 – 28.17
SDLP Justice spokesperson Alban Maginness addressing the annual Bloody Sunday commemoration, Derry, 2009
Assembly Speech - Debate on Policing & Justice - 11/3/08
Assembly Speech - North Belfast - 25/2/08
Assembly Speech - Debate on Budget - 29/1/08
Assembly Speech - Debate on Draft Budget
Assembly Speech - Republican Parade - 25/9/07
Fuel Poverty Debate Introduction 18/9/07
Fuel Poverty Debate Summing Up 18/9/07


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